Cute cute bunny hat!

Hi dolls,
Today.. while I prepare another review for you all..  here's a couple of pictures of me wearing a super cute hat!
I got it from my sister for my birthday. Haha, isn't it way too cute?!

And strangely enough, my dear said I wouldn't want to wear such a hat 2 years ago. And I'm not sure if that's right..  but it's true that 5 years ago I disliked pink. I hated it, really. And now...  lol. It's one of my favorite colors!

I'm not sure if I'd wear it on a daily basis, but for casual time/home/running I totally would! :D

+ A new bonus photo for you all!
(wearing LOTS of fake lashes, UD NAKED, EvilShades Bane lipstick)

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