Basic Haul (boring, really) :)!

Hi lovelies,

Today I got myself some really basic items. I ran out of toothpaste (well I haven't , but I was using a toothpaste that should be used for 2 months max, and I used it for 6+ - and yes I use a tiny bit of toothpaste so it survives for that long!, and because it made my teeth very sensitive and weak I managed to chip a bit of one of my frontal teeth off! So to the bin it went.) it was the time to get my favorite one! 

I love Sarakan toothpaste, because it gives you that fresh feeling, contains no harsh chemicals (it's natural you see) and it smells divine. It doesn't create any foam so it may be weird at first. But after a couple of uses you get to love it. :)

I also got myself a mouth wash from Alverde (DM) and we'll see how that goes.

Plus the new deodorant, because I'm tired of the spray ones. I was never really a spray-deodorant person. It always feels cold and during winter the feeling is just too much for me.
Also after some time all the deodorants I use stop working on me :(!
I read great reviews about Rexona deo's so I got one. This one is supposed to leave your black clothes black. Hopefully it will do that.

What is your favorite toothpaste? Do you always buy new ones, or you just stick to the one you love?
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