FOTD: Red goes well with red


Yesterday you saw my make up on close up, and today it's the time to see my full face. I said the MU looks creepy and here's the proof!
Well of course it's pretty, but at the same time makes me look a lot paler than I am.

I made a little story from these pictures... :D 

Annoyed! Bf was late and I just remembered that xD


Not happy.

This looks as if I was just going to escape (reminds me of a bride who ran away) xD.

Oh yeah, taking pictures was so much fun. Must do it next week too!


  1. I love your look and your flamey locks. Your photos are stunning.

  2. You're so cute! You have real natural beauty. I especially love the shape of your lips: they're perfect!

  3. Meni pa nobena fotka ne zgleda kripi, prov kul izpade tale mejkap. :) xx

  4. men je tud ful všeč,neki drugačnega:) drugač čez dan nosiš kej take barve?

  5. I agree with Shybiker, you do have real natural beauty. Great photos, loving the hair style and colour too :-)

  6. Old Cow: Thank you so much for your kindness!

    Shybiker: You're too kind. Sadly the photos have been edited xD. One day I may post unedited photos.. ;_;
    But thank you, no one said that about my lips! :o

    Nusha: Hvala, ceprav me je folk ful cudno gledal tisti dan.

    Passing Fancy: Bolj poredko, ampak vcasih tudi kaj takega nosim cez dan.

    Charlotte: You are way too kind! :D)!

    Cudna: Hvala! ^^

  7. Oh wow-- your hair colour looks amazing in natural light/daylight. :D

    And I love the 'red on red' look here. It's somewhat intense, but not overwhelming. :]

  8. Lepo :)

    S čim si si namazala ustnice? :)

  9. Ina: <3!! Meni je tudi zadnja najbolj zanimiva.

    Noxin: Yaah, outdoor my hair burns as fire :P. It's pretty vivid.

    Gaby, With Love Ana: <3!

    Eva: V prejsnjem prispevku imas napisano:
    (Etude House Lip Concealer - v bistvu korektor za ustnice)


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