EOTD: Red goes well with red

Hi dolls,

Since I'm a redhead now, I find it hard to wear certain colors. Well actually I don't, I just don't like the comments that go like "redheads shouldn't wear vivid colors" and similar bullshit.

So.. I decided to create a red make up and spice it up with black. What came out is something I'd wear if I were a goth <3!

Tomorrow you'll see the full face pictures! There were way too many to put them all in this post.

I used:
*Barry M Cherry Red all over my lids
*Sleek MakeUp Noir in the crease/corners 
*Black Gel liner
*Bourjois 1001 lashes mascara

*Etude House concealer for lips

I hope you like it! :)
I went out with this make up (it's a bit creepy) and a guy looked at me like if I was a ghost!


  1. Gaaah božansko <3 črno-rdeča kombinacija vedno zmaga :) Prejšnji teden sem se pobarvala na temno rdečo in se kr držim črnega MU, moram mal sprobat kombinacije :/

  2. Who makes up these stupid rules anyway?
    Redheads look beautiful in brights & bolds!
    I hear all the time that dark eyed people should not wear black liner or dark shadow...pfffft

  3. Amejzing izgleda! <3 Samo jaz bi FOTD, ker me prav firbec matra kako je potem to vse skupaj zgledalo na "daleč". ;) xx

  4. Ina meni je bila tudi ful vsec crno rdeca kombinacija. Bom probala naslednjic v bolj nezni verziji... :D

    Evil Angel: I know, who makes those stupid rules?! And I never heard the dark eyes/dark eyeliner thing. WOW, so stupid o.O

    Nusa: Jutri bos videla celi look ;)!


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