Septum piercings?

Hi lovelies!

A couple of days ago I was asking on twitter, what you thought of septum piercings. I got no real answer so I decided to move the question over here.

The truth is, that two weeks ago I thought they were the ugliest piercings ever. But then, after joining a piercing forum I realized they actually look really edgy and cool xD.

I don't like the huge ones, but mostly the retainers or small ones you can flip back into your nose (with no harm, that's it).

If I would get one, I'd definitely wear it hidden most of the time (school, work). Hmm..  I'm still thinking about it..  and I guess I'll think about it for a couple of months/maybe years more.

Until then, here are some pictures I found on the Body modification blog and I thought they are actually really good looking.

All the photos are from

All the girls are super stunning and the piercing gives them a little 'ommph' factor. Cute and edgy.

What do you think? 

EDIT (2015): I finally did it! I finally got a septum piercing. For now it's still healing, but I am absolutely happy that I finally did it! I will write a separate post once it's healed and I will be able to switch from the retainer to some lovely jewelry! 


  1. I have only one thing to say:
    piercings are fu*king HOT! If a person knows how to wear them... =D

  2. Nihrida se cisti strinjam s tabo :)!

  3. Si ti tud en tak frikič, ane Tamara? XD Lepo vedet.

  4. meni je to najlepsi plac ever za imet pirs :)

  5. Mnja.. :P Pirsi so mi vsec, sploh taksni.. bolj funkcionalni :D

  6. i had one for about eight years, went through phases where i'd wear it up or down. some people had no idea it was there. one day on a whim i took it out, i really regret it. still consider having it re-done.

  7. Vsem puncam na slikah ful pašejo, sploh prvi in tretji <3 Meni je všeč, je pa res da morajo ustrezat osebi

  8. Uh...nevem:) ... that's not my thing :).... ampak lej, če bi rada mela..probi:) če ti ne bo kul, vseeno lahk ven vzameš pa je zaključena zgodba:) ..Edino ne vem koliko € gre v zrak:) pa res:) ...

  9. Same happened to me! I didn't like them but all of the sudden I loved septum piercing! I thought of doing one 2 months ago but didn't in the end. And a few days ago I thought of doing it again, and I went to the piercing shop yesterday to ask for it. I didn't do it because today I went to an Spa and pool water is not good for it while is healing. I went after the spa but there were some eletric problems on that street and the shop was closed hahahaha I'm going tomorrow! I'm really nervous. I'd like some little thing and if possible with some rhinestone on the ball.

  10. Hi, I finally got the septum pierced yesterday!I choosed a black circular barbell and the balls have some swarovski attached on it. Looks really pretty! it didn't hurt that much :)

  11. Sakuradesu: REALLY?!?! PIctures pleaaaaseeee? Post it on your blog? :D I'd love to see that! And maybe even write down your experience? ;)

  12. I'll prepare a post in the next few days :) I'm on holiday visiting family and I have little free time. I've uploaded a picture in my twitter and I plan to upload anoter one after I put some make up on my eyes. I'm sakura_desu, twits are private but you can add me to see them:)


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