How to keep your red hair red?

Hi lovelies,

When I first dyed my hair red, I didn't do much to keep it from fading. The fading was also really subtle, so I didn't notice it until the red was completely gone (I had it dyed over dark brown hair color). So when I bleached my hair and dyed it red, I really didn't think much about it. 

But after 2 weeks, my hair has gone from bright red to orange and in some parts pink, I really had to do something about it!

I was already using a gentle shampoo + conditioner (K-Pack line) but after every shower my bath tub looked like someone was murdered in it and my hair got lighter and lighter.

That's why I applied some drastic changes, and now after one month, my hair is again super bright red without having to re-dye it! :) Although I had to dye my roots, they just looked plain wrong against my bright red hair. Ugly!

So here are some tips I'm using and well they are working perfectly:

  • Use a gentle shampoo, best for red hair or colored hair, use mild water not warm!
  • Condition your hair and wash it with COLD water. This part it tricky, plus it's a terrible experience but it gives your hair some extra shine and locks the color in.
  •  Once or Twice per week, use a color mask. I have two and one is best to leave in for 15 minutes, while the other for 3. I leave both on for longer (won't do any damage, and if you have the time then why not?)
  • While your hair is damp use a color setting foam to give a little more wawawoom effect to your hair
That's pretty much it. So cold water, gentle shampoo, red hair mask and red hair foam are the tricks that are helping me keep my perfect red hair! :)
The hair mask I'm using:

And the foam

Do you have any other tips for keeping the red hair red?


  1. I use Elumen Hair Colour from Goldwell. It is aviable in Germany for selected hair stylists, but maybe you can get in online. The color itself is a high-tec color and starts fading after 2-3 months.

  2. meni je pa tudi ta zbledela rdeča lepa:) ...hudič pri barvanju je to ja, da moraš non stop narastek barvat:) ... sem kar nehala z barvanjem:) preveč dela:) hehe

  3. Where could u find these products at?

  4. @Mariah Jajadelski: They are avaliable in Slovenia but I am sure you can find a brand that will have the same effect.. .)


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