NOTD: Essence Fatal


You may wonder why I don't post as many NOTDs as I did before, and that's because I found the perfect combination for a very long lasting manicure. So now my manicures last for more than 1 week without retouches! D:

I use Essence Nail Art Base and to finish Essence Nail Art Top coat. It doesn't dry as quickly as with any other quick drying top coat, but damn the manicure doesn't budge! 

Anyway, this time I'll show you a gorgeous jelly black from Essence. Sadly I got some bubbles (a too thick layer of polish), but I'm sure that thin layers would fix that. I used 2 coats of it.



I really like the look of black nails, they look so chic! ^^


  1. Jap, črn lak je tudi meni ena taka klasika, ki paše na vse <3

  2. Essence Fatal je bil pred kakimi 6 leti moj najljubši in bolj kot ne edini lak... =D Poleg Rimmel Desire. Črna je klasika.


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