Hi everyone!

Today I was really sick (food poisoning) but now I'm fine! :D I did some cam whoring, and since this month is Movember  I decided to play with my hair to create a fake moustache. 

It was fun. xP 


  1. You gender-bender! You look good in a 'stache.

  2. kok maš lepe učke:) lep make up:)

  3. Shybiker: Don't I? xD Daamn that was super fun!

    Nihrida: Da bi ti vidla kako sem se jaz zraven smejala.. kot pecen macek :P

    P_D: Make up bom prikazala v drugem postu, ker je bil kar hudo ;)

  4. i love your make up here you are too cute!!!! and you always change your page layout ^_^ happy holidays!!!


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