EOTD/FOTD: Big eyes in the night

Lol, sorry for the title xD. It's terrible but it's kind of catchy, isn't it? :P

You also may have noticed, that I have a new layout which makes me want to buy presents. And I also disabled anonymous comments because I only got spam from such users. 

Anyway in my last post (Movember) you saw the make up, and some of you said it's pretty. The truth is, that those photos came out when I was taking pictures (at night!) of my make up. I really dislike taking pictures at night, because I struggle to find a pose, to point the light (small neon light, lol) correctly and then press the damn button of the camera. Wah! But now I just remembered, stupid me - I got a flash laying somewhere around..  doh! 

I put on some make up (CS 88 shimmer) and falsies. I don't wear faslies, because I'm a lazy bum, but they really make the difference. I'm in love with the effect they make, even if I find it kind of hard on sticking them correctly (usually one end lifts). But other than that, these were cheap ones (I got 10 pairs for something like $10 on Ebay a year or two ago) and also were hard which made them a bit uncomfortable. But they served to their purpose.

Oh and excuse me the excess of photoshop. I don't have flawless skin, nor I look perfect in real life ;)
I love playing around with photoshop, and that's one thing I hope I will do as my job. <3

Make up

Full face pictures <3

The last one is just... weird :P 

I used:
  • *CS 88 Mat (eyebrows)
  • *CS 88 Shimmer (eyes) in light blue, gold, dark purple and dark blue
  • *Bourjois Glamour Volume Black mascara
  • *Falsies (I used the part that was too long, on my lower lashes)
  • *WnW corrector
  • *MUF setting powder
  • *Bourjois Blush in Rose de Jaspe
  • *Essence glitter from the Twilight LE
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