A little bit of shopping, with first impressions

Hi! :)

I went for a bit of shopping, well some essentials to be honest... 
Today is such a depressing weather, so I don't have anything interesting prepared for you. I wanted to do an interesting make up look, but by the time I got home, it already went dark. Booho :(

Toner & Body Butter.
 I only tried the BB so far and it smells divine. It has quite a smilar scent to Vanilla Yogurt, yum! The consistency is thicker than your regular body lotion, but thinner than a body butter. So it's a mix. It moisturizes nicely my dry skin (body). Purrrrfect! ^^

I wanted to try this toner everyone's been raving about (Slovene forums). I first have to use up my other toner, which Tassa kindly sent to me <3.

Red hair mask & Red leave in foam. 
I tried both so far and the mask is divine. Works perfectly, and my pink ends are again bright red! The foam is for the case you are in a hurry and really don't have time to use the mask or dye your hair. And your hair has already faded :). 
Red mask was 11€ and the foam was 3€ (pretty cheap for such a lovely thing).
The Red Cat brand is a Slovene brand, actually to be more accurate it's a Slovene hairdresser's brand. Really interesting. I'm lucky enough to have one pretty close.

Red hair dye (coral red). I used it last time, and since I couldn't find anything else that bright I bought it again.

Cleansing emulsion. It's my first time trying this brand, but so far (2 uses) it feels nice. It is really gentle, and the scent of it reminds me of Sophyto products.

I also bought a perfume, since it seems I am obsessed with them. :)
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