NOTD: Sniffing Sparkles

Hey everyone!

Why such a title? LOL, I'm sorry, but when I was applying silver holographic powder on my nails, I really was feeling like a junkie. Not any junkie, pardon me. But crazy rainbow one! xD

Anyway,..  I blinged my nails to hell, because honestly I never had so many items on my nails. Never!
I kind of randomly picked the items, but the result is pretty. Maybe not your conventional manicure, but it is still quite interesting.

I was inspired by gyaru nails, but I think those are already passe.

Other hand

I can't wait to see it under natural light. I must say that when I finished it, I was feeling really ashamed. LOL.

What do you think of it?


  1. Kitchy kitchy :D Ampak super lepo je izpadlo! :)

  2. Hehehe, jap kiči ampak lepo. :) Kater lak si pa uporabila za podlago?

  3. Helena: Hahaha kaj naredi dolgcas, ko bi se mogla ucit xD!

    SeeingSunshine: Thank you!

    Ivana: Za podlago sem uporabila Essence Love of Pink. Blescice so od spodnjih blescic.. :P

  4. Tamara I love it! It's a great gyaru nail =)

  5. Nosila jih ne bi, ker se too much, ampak izvedba sama je pa perfektna. Pa fotke prav tako.

  6. I love manicures like these, if I had nails I would do this all the time :D I know it's tacky but they are sooo cute!


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