Hair Journey: Decoloring


As you may know, I wanted to have crazy hot red hair. So I bought a box of the most vivid red I could get in our drugstores. 
And with it a bottle of blond/gray hair color with which I was hoping to bleach my hair.  LOL.

So I washed my hair and put on it a cleansing shampoo (which does strip the hair out of color) for 15 minutes, then I blow dried my hair and applied the whiteish hair dye.

On the box it said to leave it on the hair for 40 minutes. I was waiting patiently.. 



During the process


Well what to say, it took some tiny color out but that was it. Damn! But since I wanted to have red (vivid) hair color, and didn't want to go out with such hair, I decided to try bleaching. :)

But those pictures come tomorrow.


  1. I really want to go vivid red but my hair is like medium brown so I'm not sure how to go about it. I'd love to see how it turns out.

  2. ok, to je en način. sam js ti priporočam (že ki sm tudi js mela kr rdeče nekoč) da uzameš une Luminance barve (neka temno modra škatla in je malo odtenkov, ampak so močnejši in je meni še na zbledelo črno kr primlo). komj čakam d avidim kaj bo pršlo ven :D

  3. Jaz bom pa takole rekla: tole eksperimentiranje te bo nazadnje prišlo več kot če bi šla v en salon, pa ti tam naredijo. Težko si boš sama toliko pobelila lase...
    Aja, pa še to - ŠKODA LAS!!!

  4. Nihrida: nic se sekirat, super je prislo ;)

  5. I have tried using a bottle of the whitest blond hair color I could find at the drugstore to strip color from my hair once, but it absolutely didn't work LOL.

  6. H: I used some bleaching powder + 9% hydrogen and it worked perfectly on hair hair. You'll se in the next photos :).

    Urshiusz: Kje pa se dobijo te barve?

    Gaby: Lol, it's terrible :/ I was hoping it would work too!

  7. tudi meni se zdi škoda las :(

  8. vem da je pač ta temno modra škatla in so Brilliance Luminance... čk... ti najdem link...

    to je to :) u bistvu je škatla rdeča... sori.. :S in se dobi powsod

  9. Oh no~. D: Sorry the dye didn't remove as much of the red as you had hoped it would. :/

    Perhaps you should try a colour remover, like 'Color Oops'. c: That one's specifically meant to help strip dye from hair.

    Anyway, I'm definitely enjoying following your hair journey. :]


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