Hair Journey: Decoloring


As you may know, I wanted to have crazy hot red hair. So I bought a box of the most vivid red I could get in our drugstores. 
And with it a bottle of blond/gray hair color with which I was hoping to bleach my hair.  LOL.

So I washed my hair and put on it a cleansing shampoo (which does strip the hair out of color) for 15 minutes, then I blow dried my hair and applied the whiteish hair dye.

On the box it said to leave it on the hair for 40 minutes. I was waiting patiently.. 



During the process


Well what to say, it took some tiny color out but that was it. Damn! But since I wanted to have red (vivid) hair color, and didn't want to go out with such hair, I decided to try bleaching. :)

But those pictures come tomorrow.
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