Hair Journey: Bleaching + Pink


So yesterday I showed you how using a box of blonde hair color didn't help much. But the next step was bleaching my hair.. .)
I had some bleaching powder at home and also some 9% peroxide.

Bleaching powder (it's blue, so funny)

Mixed up. It was quite a dense cream, with small particles in it (felt like sand)

 I applied it all up (first I didn't use any gloves, because I thought it was like regular hair dyes, which don't sting or anything else. But this little sh*t started stinging on my skin after a couple of seconds. So I rushed to wash my hands and applies gloves. Lesson learned.
The box said to leave it on hair from 15-30 minutes, so I went with 30. But I read that you can actually leave it up to 1h on. But your hair should be really strong and healthy. Mine is healthy, but I didn't want to risk it.

After 30 minutes
 You can see that it is yellow + orange. Not a nice combo, but it's enough light to show up the red hair nicely.
BUT! I couldn't not try my pink hair dye. Which was truly a disaster, since the hair dye is NOT dark pink but cotton candy pink which is a really pale pink.. So I should have platinum blonde hair for it. 

Pink semi permanent dye

Result! EWww... :)

I left it on my hair for 45 minutes. And I really had a problem with those stargazer bottles of color :(. I couldn't get all the color out...  eh. 
My hair looks so dry here because I didn't want to use any hair care product, since I wanted to put on another dye.

For the finished results stay tuned ;)! 
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