Maribor Haul :)

So, this week most of the time or I was with my dog on the snow/forest or I was shopping :O.
I bought lots of stuff, but only took pictures of few.

I mostly bought nail polishes.. ;_; cuz I'm addicted like that.

Metallic nail polishes everyone's been raving about. Sadly the design doesn't really show up on my nails no matter what or how I do it. DAMN! :<

And a small bottle of perfume. I love and hate it. It's weird, but so mine <3

And some 8cm heeled shoes :). Love them! So Sailor moon like... :)

And for the end.. I'm leaving you with my current song obsession..



  1. lep nakup :)

    haha, tale pesem je tut na moji playlisti zadnje par dni...nonstop!:P

  2. amazing haul! aww the metallics edition... aww i'd like to have it!!

  3. I love the grey booties! I'd kill for a pair.

  4. OMG.... the grey booties. @_@

    I love grey boots and those are just... perfect. *drool*

    Anyway, that bronze metallic polish looks gorgeous. O:

  5. Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article


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