Hair Journey: Finally red!


So this is the last part of my hair journey. :) It all happened in one night, but I thought that sharing some pictures over the days would be more interesting.

Box of hair dye :)!

On the box it said to leave on for 20 minutes. Pretty quick! ^^

 The color during the waiting was more of an orange color than red.. but I wasn't worried, since I knew it would come out AWESOME! :P

Red in the sun!

Shadow (sorry for the crappy picture)

Hopefully during the next few days I'll be able to show you some new pictures with my super red hair. I must say that it's pretty intense, but it did fade a tiny bit with first hair washing.

Enjoy your day,


  1. Kul barva. Saj si ne barvaš obrvi z njo, kajne?

  2. A: Lol ne, moje obrvi skrbno vsak dan dorisem s cs88 mat paleto :))

  3. Yep-- this red is lovely. <33

    I am super-jealous that you can pull off red as a hair colour. ; 3; Any aspirations for more bright colours in the future? :]

  4. Wow! You're absolutely stunning! I've been planning to dye my hair red again and today I finally bought a bopx of Garnier Nutrisse Intense Red. We'll see how it goes!

  5. ooo, super barva, res vredna celotnega truda=)

    Zelo ti pristaja=)

  6. ooo, super barva, res vredna celotnega truda=)

    Zelo ti pristaja=)

  7. ful hudo pršlo :D kaj pol une druge barve nisi našla? aja, me spominjaš na prvi fotki na RiRi z novo frizuro :)

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