Tutorial: Night out

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I'm still sick *coughs*.
But since today I'm a tad better, I decided to do a make up tutorial. Really easy and quick one.

Tools of use:
  1. eye primer (UDPP)
  2. LC Princess Caraboo
  3. LC Medusa
  4. Alima Pure silver eyeshadow
  5. Essence Black mania mascara
  6. Creamy white pencil
  7. Black eye pencil (optional)

First we start with clean eyelids, on which we applied eye primer.

 Then we take our dark green eyeshadow (I used LimeCrime Princess Caraboo) and cover 2/3 of our eyelid.

After that we take our dark blue/black and apply it on the remaining 1/3. I used LimeCrime Medusa.

And we blend :)! So easy peasy!

With our black/dark blue eyeshadow we line our bottom lash line.

And then the white cream pencil comes to play. We apply it to the remaining free part of bottom lash line. 
Best is from the inner corners of the eyes to 1/3 of the eye. 

We're almost done! We add mascara and if you'd like, fake lashes.

Apply black eye pencil to finish the look. (optional)

AND we're done! SO EASY! :D 

Enjoy your new look! ;P

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