Tutorial: Everyday purple

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I did another quick tutorial, this time an everyday look. It's really easy, and the best thing is, you can pick whichever colors you want for this look.

I used:
  • CS 88 Matte palette
  • Essence Black liquid eyeliner
  • Manhattan Flirty Eyes mascara (brown)
  • Alima pure silver eyeshadow

First we apply a purple eyeshadow all over the eyelids. 

Then we take our deepest brown and apply it in an outer V shape.

We blend, blend, blend! and if you like it a tad more shimmering, add a bit of silver eyeshadow, just to lighten your inner corner and a bit on the middle of your lid. For that extra WOW factor.

Apply mascara and a thin line with your eyeliner. I used brown mascara, just for a more natural look, but then again... I could have used brown eyeliner too, lol.

AND you're DONE! :D 

Super easy, no? ;)
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