NOTD: Essence I chose you! + nail art


Despite of a terrible headache I'm currently having, I decided to post this manicure. 
I did it yesterday and well it's going on pretty strong.

First I must say, that having both Zoya Charla and Essence Chose Me! one thing is clear. They are dupes. 
Except that Essence needs 3 coats and Zoya 2. Zoya also dries quickly, but that was to be expected.
Other than that.. you don't need both. Essence is better for this money (1,70€). :P

I applied both one on one finger, others on other (the other hand) and I have NO idea which is which. 

I tried to draw Hello Kitty, but failed miserably. Damn! :P 
Anyway, I like the manicure.
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