NOTD: Essence I chose you! + nail art


Despite of a terrible headache I'm currently having, I decided to post this manicure. 
I did it yesterday and well it's going on pretty strong.

First I must say, that having both Zoya Charla and Essence Chose Me! one thing is clear. They are dupes. 
Except that Essence needs 3 coats and Zoya 2. Zoya also dries quickly, but that was to be expected.
Other than that.. you don't need both. Essence is better for this money (1,70€). :P

I applied both one on one finger, others on other (the other hand) and I have NO idea which is which. 

I tried to draw Hello Kitty, but failed miserably. Damn! :P 
Anyway, I like the manicure.


  1. Tale lakec je res čudovit. In tudi poslikava ni "švoh" ;))

  2. That's my current favorite polish! It's sooo beautiful! It looks good on you :)

  3. Tale lak je res zadetek v polno. Tako dolgo sem imela na wish listi Zoyo, da je sedaj že tale ven prišel. Hvala bogu! Za denarnico se je izšlo veliko bolje. =)
    Me je pa zelo presenetilo, kako zeleno izgleda lak v resnici. Na fotkah je vsepovsod bolj moder.

  4. oooo helllo kittttyyyyyy :) nice:) Zelo mi je všeč:) ... Jaz si pa tako želim konad plato, kjer je HK gor, pa nikjer ne najdem:(

  5. i love this and its very gorgeous!!

  6. Lep lak, lepa manikura .... kje pa ma kitty oči? :D

  7. With Love, Ana: Lakec je res super, opazam da je obstojnost bolj bleh ampak mu odpustim ker je tako lep :D

    Thifa: Thank you!

    nihrida: To pa imas prav, v real je bolj zelen.. ampak preseva na modro. Fotke mu delajo krivico. Je pa cudovit. Cenejsa alternativa Zoyi :D

    Pink_Diamond: Mislim da prav konad nima te plate, obstaja pa faux konad s HK. Malo morje je tistih...

    Triszha: Thank you!

    Lyra: Nima ock. Jih je imela, pa je izgledala defektna tako da sem jih izbrisala dol (sem risala s essence nail art svincniki ki so vodotopni :))

  8. That's a beautiful color :D


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