Shoes shopping!

Two days ago I ordered a couple of things from this new (is it new?) Slovene online store. I was actually very surprised to see the shoes being so low-priced. But what the hell, I needed new boots and I couldn't find any pretty in the stores near me.

So.. I decided to order a couple of things. I wanted low heeled boots because honestly I have enough high heels. 
They have some great high heels;_;, I want some too! But this time, I had to say NO to myself. I mean... I can walk in high heels, and it looks super hot but every day? Naaah, not for me.

The shipping is sadly quite pricey, but oh well. At least you get your items the next day (if you order in time, that's it)

The store is located in Maribor and another is located in Ljubljana. I'd be there every single day if I lived there xD.

The store is called Princess Shop and it's PINK. Wtf, perfect store for me. LOL.

Anyway, here is the stuff I ordered.

Fuggs. I mean fake uggs. I would never pay so much as the original price for a pair of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. Honestly. 
But since I had the chance, I ordered fake ones. SO comfortable. And SO ugly.
You won't see me wearing these in public. I hope xD

lick here to see official pictures

Gray boots. Prettier in RL than on pictures. SO comfortable and they are padded too. Warm!


And my last purchase. A bill wallet. I love those, but they are usually so expensive. Well, at least the ones I like :)

I'd love to show you the official pictures of it, but it's sold out.

Overall: I love all I got! I expected the quality of the items to be crap like, but they are actually very similar to the stuff you get in regular stores for so much more money. SO YAY! 
I'll definitely buy more from them, but another time. :)

Plus the items came wrapped in PINK WRAPPING paper with cute frogs with crowns on their heads. If you send me something wrapped in pink paper. I'm sold. I really am!
Everything I showed in this post, I bought with my money. 


  1. I love the wallet!! :) It's well detailed

  2. lušten nakup:)...

    jaz sem šla februarja samo zaradi te trgovine v MB...hehe... no potem so jo pa junija odprli v LJ:) zdej se pa še najbolj vesela, ker imajo internetno trgovino:) hehe..ker se mi ne da vsakič v BTC:) hehe

  3. Fuggs are fugly. =D Denarnica mi je všeč.

  4. Alice: That's so true. I had one from Morgan and it was gorgeous but after 2 years it got used up.. so this is a great alternative!

    P_D: Jaaa mi je vsec trgovinica. Tudi v MBju jo moram najti ceprav ga ne poznam kaj dosti (ok, vem kje je lush lol)

    Nihrida: Ja, so grdi! Danes sem celo razmisljala ali grem z njimi v sluzbo.. xD Groza!!

  5. Zakaj kupiš nekaj kar ti je grdo? o.O meni so tej škornji prav za bruhat :D bljak.

  6. @Martina: Ker so zelo udobni in zelo prirocni ce je treba kam na hitro skocit ;).


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