NOTD: Wearable Halloween manicure


Lately I have been obsessed with true blood, so while watching it I decided to layer a red nail polish over an orange-red one. And top it with glitter! :D

Well it came out really nice, except the red/orange nail polish isn't really visible. At all. 

I used: 
  • Alessandro base coat
  • Nivea Cherry Glace nail polish
  • Canmake Cherry red nail polish
  • Manglaze Hot Mess 

It looks a bit Halloween like, but still wearable so that's why such a title. 

All pictures were taken in natural light (cloudy).

Hopefully it won't chip so quickly, because I really want to wear a manicure for more than just two days.


  1. Super manikura! <3<3<3 Zelo lepo ti paše. ;)

  2. Super je izpadlo! Pa ful dobro ozadje/predlogo imaš zdaj :)


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