Now.. I'm a redhead .D

Soo....  I realized I get bored of the same hair color sooo quickly. Especially because I want to have PINK or PURPLE hair and I still don't have the guts for it. 

So.. I decided to color my hair into a color I loved seeing on others. And I really mean it. Red haired girls are gorgeous.There's something mystic about them.

Anyway, now I have red hair and I feel great with them. Somehow 'you aint doing anything I don't want, bit*h!', but still amazing! :D
Maybe a little wicked, like a witch ;P.

Next I'd like to try.. black hair, and then purple/ish and pink, maybe even turquoise. And then we can talk about 'normal' hair color again. 

Awww, I still look sick ;_;

Shadow and semi sun. I love how my hair looks on this picture.

 Photoshop filter xD!

Super sun picture. o.O

Oh right, sorry about the crappy hair style in the pictures. I was running late. Or so I thought. xD

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