Now.. I'm a redhead .D

Soo....  I realized I get bored of the same hair color sooo quickly. Especially because I want to have PINK or PURPLE hair and I still don't have the guts for it. 

So.. I decided to color my hair into a color I loved seeing on others. And I really mean it. Red haired girls are gorgeous.There's something mystic about them.

Anyway, now I have red hair and I feel great with them. Somehow 'you aint doing anything I don't want, bit*h!', but still amazing! :D
Maybe a little wicked, like a witch ;P.

Next I'd like to try.. black hair, and then purple/ish and pink, maybe even turquoise. And then we can talk about 'normal' hair color again. 

Awww, I still look sick ;_;

Shadow and semi sun. I love how my hair looks on this picture.

 Photoshop filter xD!

Super sun picture. o.O

Oh right, sorry about the crappy hair style in the pictures. I was running late. Or so I thought. xD


  1. Pretty! :) Meni pjaže ful :)
    Prav lepo poudari očke in pšt o look sick! to je samo v tvoji glavi :P

  2. Super pretty! I had burgundy hair for some times but no matter how many products I use to keep the color from fading, it did anyway -_-

  3. Your face looks so slim.. did you lose weight?
    You look great with this hair color and i love the fact you took the time to do your eyebrows so they match!! xxx

  4. Tali: o.O Damn, yes I lost weight. But it's only like 5kg. It's not supposed to be very visible. But I like it :D. And.. well I have to draw on my eyebrows, because they are like blonde, so scary on dark hair :(. And thank you!

    Gaby: I thought that red fades the most, but dark brown does too :/. But I don't mind.. for now. xD

    Helena: Ce pa sem se vedno sick ;_;

  5. Ne me ustrelit, ampak meni si bila boljša s svetlimi/naravnimi lasmi. Pa še en nasvet iz lastnih izkušenj - ne se barvat na črno. Malokomu paše resnično črna, drugače pa izgleda samo umetno, pa še težko se je rešit barve, ko se je naveličaš. Če že, potem si izberi hladno temno rjavo. Samo dobronameren nasvet. =)

  6. Nihrida: Tole s crno imas kar prav... sem slisala, da se jo prekleto tezko spravi ven..
    Sploh ce bi rada imela poleti spet svetle lase.. :)
    Hmm, ne vem kaj bom naredila ampak glede na to da sem v fazi eksperimentiranja bom ze nekaj nasla :))

  7. Oh wow. o: That hair colour really brings out your eye colour. <33 Stunning~.

  8. hey, what hair color did you use ? and what is your natural color ? your hair looks lovely btw :)


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