OOTD: Quick.. walk?

Today we went for a quick walk with our dog, and I thought it is the perfect time to wear my fuggs!

I went for a comfy look with leggings and a long pullover. I had to wear my leather jacket (which I hate, ew!) because the wind was blowing.

Here is the OOTD:

And a random photo my dear took and I edited. :P
 Of course! My compact camera doesn't know depth of field stuff.

Next time, I have to remind him to take his camera with us. My small thing takes only good MU and NOTD photos ;_;.

Btw, lately I've been having a hard time with blogger. It doesn't want to upload my photos from my pc, so I have to upload them to the picasa album first. Anyone is having the same problems?

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  1. Men je pa zakon jakna! :D
    - Pa spodna slika je <3.



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