Clothes shopping, some essentials


Today I had great fun with the girls while we were shopping. I got myself a coat, two regular shirts (one turtle neck) and a... hmm vest? I'm not sure what is the last one, but it's SUPER comfy!

Anyway, here are some quick pictures just so you get an idea :).
It seems I really love gray color this autumn. Hmmm.... weird. But it goes really well with my red hair.

You must know, that when it comes to clothes I buy pretty cheap stuff. That's because the same exact things can be found in our stores for like 15x of the price I get them for.  :) Most of the girls here know what I'm talking about. 

The coat. Pretty and gray.

Boring gray shirt. I didn't try it and later realized I should never ever wear it alone. It's too short.

I got a plain white turtle neck shirt, to put under different stuff. Definitely not alone, because it's a see-through shirt.

Super comfy... thing. I love it :D

I'm really happy with my buy, but I wish my budget would be unlimited. I'd have a wardrobe full of jeggings, comfy long shirts and dresses :P

I hope your day was also interesting,
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