EOTD/FOTD: Golden Blue


Today I have an eye of the day for you all. It's from two days ago, but I decided to post it only now.
I just went to walk my dog, but I also wanted to try a new color combination....

I used:
*CS 88 Shimmer Palette
*Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra black

Hardcore curls from the damn rainy weather! LOL! 


  1. I love the golden in the inner corner if your eyes. Over all the look is gorgeous :)

  2. Sara.H: Thank you! ^^ I really like the light gold shade.. :)

  3. I agree with Sara- that golden shade looks amazing on you. I think it compliments (or is complimented by) the red of your hair. <3

    Once again, your blending is impeccable.

  4. Noxin: awww, you're way too kind. And for the blending.. if it wasn't for the blending brush, it would just suck! :D


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