NOTD: Halloween Party


Yesterday my manicure sucked, so I decided to change it right away. I wanted to make a classic Halloween themed manicure, so I put an orange nail polish as a base.
Actually two - Essence Ayada (Ethno Couture) and Essence Watch out! Then I took my Essence nail art polish (black) and drew some random stuff...  after that I took my Essence nail art pencil (silver) and added some stuff.
I still wasn't really pleased, so I added some konadictures. 

I used:
  • -Essence Ayada (thumb, middle finger, pinkie)
  • -Essence Watch Out! (index, ring)
  • -Essence nail art polish BLACK
  • -Essence nail art pencil SILVER
  • -Essence stamping polish WHITE + Essence plates
  • -Silver Rhinestones
  • -Color Club top coat

Here is a photo :)!

It's kind of a childish but..  alright it will do for a couple of days. ^^

Have a lovely day,


  1. LOVE it! Girl you've got great skills. Keep it up! WOW!

  2. Very festive and pretty! Super choice for the upcoming holiday.

  3. Sara.H: Thank you, you're way too kind!

    Shybiker: Yay, I only wish my hand were firmer. Thank you ^^. I hope I'll see your halloween themed clothes coordinate? :)

  4. Oooo, luštna manikura! Jaz se že kar nekaj časa spravljam delat eno manikuro za haloween, pa sem še kar brez idej! :) Prstanec z mrežo mi je zelo všeč! ;)

  5. Tiana: Prstanec je najbolj v izi.. :)) mreza je bizarno lahka za naredit..


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