Alessandro Last Sunflower (Go fashion!) - NOT nice

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I bought this nail polish and I had to try it on. I applied it on one finger (my thumb nail) with base and top coat. 
And then I removed it. And it stained my nails like crazy! 

Anyway, I later decided to change my manicure (the purple pink one) to the gorgeous yellow from the promo picture. YAY.
I applied two thin coats of S-he 207 (nude color), because I don't have a white nail polish.  And then applied 1, 2, 3, 4 coats of Alessandro Last Sunflower. 
And YET it wasn't the color from the bottle, nope. It was a more dull, sucky color. EW. 

I applied top coat (color club) and Essence quick dry drops and later I even sprayed it with Essence quick dry spray. 

And then..  I waited 2-3 hours before I went to bed. It seemed completely dry by then. 

But when I woke up...  THIS was on my nails.

What the hell?! It was supposed to be DRY by then...  And can you see the totally different color on my nails than it is in the bottle?

I am SO disappointed in this nail polish, but I will give it a go next time I get a white nail polish to put under it.

Oh well...


  1. I run into this problem, too, on occasion. All I've been able to figure out (guess?), is that if different layers are different brands then I need to let the one brand dry a couple of hours before adding the next brand over it. The other thing is that some polishes are just weird and goopy and require a hardener such as seche vite fast dry. One of the reasons I like China Glaze is because it has hardeners in it. Anyway, those are my guesses. You have my sympathies! Maybe it's time to look at a bottle of white polish..

  2. jaz bi ga nesla vrnit....:P ker ni poceni...

  3. DesertNails8: Thank you for the tip. But honestly I don't have the time to wait hours before the nail polish dries. I usually paint my nails before bed, and by then I'm already very tired.

    Thumby: Cena niti ni huda, ene 3€. Ampak je shit od lakca. Bi ga nesla vrnit, samo kaj naj recem :))

  4. Reči, da je shit od lakca in pokaži nohte oz slike :)

    Jaz bi ga nesla nazaj pa tudi, če je bil "samo" 3€, kar je glede na rezultat preveč!

  5. Sanja: Sem se ravno odlocila, da ga bom nesla nazaj, ko grem iskat racun in ugotovim, da sem ga vrgla v smeti.
    Tako, da sem sla brskat po smeteh :)). Bom skocila ju3 do trgovine.

  6. Ojoj, kaj takega pa še nism videla. xD

    Mogoče ne sodeluje dobro z lakom, ki je bil pod? Ali pa z nadlakom? S kapljicami?

    Upam, da se ti kaj takega več ne ponovi. :)

  7. Alright, update! I didn't take it back, instead I bought a white nail polish and tried it over. SO MUCH BETTER. But for the manicure, you'll have to wait a bit longer.


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