Pink hair dye!

I always wanted to have pink hair. I mean maybe not always, but since I'm in the pink phase (maybe 5 years?).
My dream pink hair is light pink. Even more since I saw it in Jap magazines and on Lolita gals. And now more commonly on gyaru gals. Pure love it is! <3

Anyway, since I know that Manic Panic hair dye IS VERY expensive if ordered from Ebay, I was searching for a cheaper alternative. 
And then I found it, it looked really suspicious because it's a body jewelery website store. And the manic panic dye is like 10€. Not so bad, even better is the amplified version. Cca 11€.
But shipping is ridicules. Especially for bulky items :/.

Anyway I decided to give it a go and ordered myself one Manic Panic amplified Cotton Candy Pink dye and two Stargazer (I couldn't click on the hair section on the Stargazer site) Baby Pink dyes. The Stargazer dyes were so much cheaper! Like 5€ each. SO much better, but they have less color in them (if I'm not mistaken they have sth like 1/2 compared to MP).

The scary thing was that.. well AFTER I made my purchase, I read some worrying reviews on that site. DAMN! But I wanted to stay positive, after all..  Why should anything bad happen, right?
Well, after two days of waiting for them to ship my order (they say they ship after 24h) I decided to email them. And WOAH, they replied in a couple of minutes and shipped my order in an hour. SO COOL!

And the best part? I got the package in two days. I never got anything in two days. NEVER! 

The site is, here (if you are interested).

Sorry for the shitty photos. It's dark, and I'm lazy. When I'll show off my new hair color.. well then you'll get better photos, kay? 

My order. Three things. Shipping was sth like 8€. DAMN

You can't really see on these bad photos, but MP is warmer than Stargazer.

Stargazer on my hand.

I was expecting the dyes to be light pink, like baby pink. But no, they are crazy hardcore almost neon pink! 
I wonder if you have to wait for it to wash almost completely off, to get a nice baby pink? Bleh, I really don't think so..  but it would be so sad if that was the case.

EDIT: I realized it's actually a very light color on hair.

But I read that the more color you pack on = more intense color. And lighter the hair again more intense.

Oh, you may wonder why on Earth I have that drop of color on my hand? Well..  I used my gloves before, when I tried it on my ends over red hair dye. Of course it didn't work at all.
And this is when I was trying it over 'bald spots' aka spots where red hair dye didn't grab. It happened, yes like on two spots. Not really visible, but I hate it.

So.. how it went? It did almost nothing for my unbleached-not yet red-but still kind of brown-hair. Except stain my skin, which luckily went off. Mostly.

One huge tip. Don't ever, but I mean EVER apply the dye without gloves on. I applied it that way, and even if I had the color on my hand for 1 minute, I still got left with one huge pink streak.

So...  hopefully in a couple of weeks, my hair will be light pink :P. YAY! 
I'm scared as hell, but what.. :) I do want to have pink hair! 

Did you ever have crazy colored hair?
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