OOTD: It's getting cold..

Hello lovelies! 

Today I wore two OOTDs, but one was more casual, tho I got some weird looks and a guy whistled or sth..  anyway :)) 

The ootd:

H&M Shirt,
White Jeans,
Daichmann shoes :)
Simple! I also wore a ring with it, but I took it off for the picture.. o.O

I can't wait for autumn to come, since hell it's not even summer anymore.. I wish I could go swimming! :< 
Hahaha, during summer I wanted winter, but now..  oh well. ;)

Have a lovely day!



  1. Ah, v Podčetrtku zvečer je treba oblečt že zimski plašč in škornje...
    Čez dan 24 stopinj, čim pade sonce 10-4 stopinje brrrrr:)

  2. To pa verjamem...
    Samo tukaj je zjutraj/cez dan cca 20 stopinj potem pa ko gre sonce dol je krizno mrzlo..


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