EOTD/FOTD: Blue meets purple

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I posted a make up look. This time I got inspired by all the girls on Ars Cosmetica forum.
I used lots of products, of them half I have no idea what they were (barry M, Fyrinnae, CS 88 matte & Shimmer).. 

First.. a ripoff of Nihrida's header (I LOVED it dear <3! You look fantastic!)

Alright, enough ripping off other bloggers...  :))

The make up... is pretty simple, but very dramatic on my pale (almost zombie like) skin.

And for the end two FOTDs. Colors are changed, since you already know how the MU looks like. I just had to camwhore :).

I won't be scaring you guys anymore..  off I go xD



  1. Camwhoring with pink liner=awesomesauce :D

  2. Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: Yep, that's the right word for what I did.. nothing else xD!! I mean.. flirting with the camera, that's true camwhoring! :P

    GonetorehabBRB: Hvala! :)) edino pudru zamerim, oranzen je ;_; Pa.. 5000 senck sem dala gor, in nobena ni prisla kot sem jaz hotela, dokler nisem dala zadnje... twilight <3!

  3. Oh, hun! I love you! <3 And your header looks way better than mine. You're so pretty and this one is one of my favorite make up looks you've done. It really suits your green eyes. :*

  4. Nihrida <3! Thank you <3!! You make me melt :*

  5. wow...beautiful eyes:)....they really pop out with this make up:)

  6. I think this is my favorite of the looks you've posted so far, those colours just look so pretty on you!

  7. nice photograph and make up^^ I have to learn more how to make up from u^^ I'm really a beginner.

  8. Kim Hye Rin: Oh shut up. I love your blog, it's super kawaii and you are good with make up! ^^


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