Pink room! (pictures heavy)

Hello everyone! 

You may have noticed that I have been gone for a couple of days..

Well I was painting my room, and later helping (uhm watching) my bf and dad set together the room... 
But I'll leave you to the pictures..

Painting was a hard job... I ended all pink (duo tone, since I was using two different pink shades). 

And a dirty job.. 
(part of my t-shirt.. :<)

But you can't paint for two days in a row without some music..

When I finished (2nd day) I added some designs..

The day after everything was clean we went to pick up the room.
DAMN that was a mess!

It came with instructions, but they seemed more like lego instrucitons...  xD
I helped a bit...  with photos.

(dear said HI)


Almost almost..

Sadly this way it covered my design on the wall...  but one is still visible! The one next to my bed.

The jewelry storage remained the same (and messy too!)

My inspirational piggy :)

Make up storage

Nail polishes

Everything else.. almost

Some nail art brushes, lipglosses


And...  I had to show you the place where I blog from..! :D

Stay cool,


  1. Love the inspirational piggie. <3
    Ko sem svojo sobo barvala, sem dobila barvo še na čevlje :) in to rdečo!

  2. i love your room. i love pink!
    good job on the wall designs.

  3. Gone2RehabBRB Ja, pujsek je super.. vsak mesec pove nekaj noro dobrega (npr. trenutno pravi Girls just want to have fun!).. :)

    Eh, moji cevlji so tudi celi pinki, hlace so.... no niso vec za v javnost, se za doma niso vec, ker so olivno zelene + roznati fleki.. ufff sexy much!

    Jenobebs: Thank you! I was hoping to do something more detailed with the designs, but... brushes suck, and uneven walls make everything harder. :D But I like how it turned out.

  4. I love seeing pictures of people's rooms, thanks for sharing!


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