If I was a rich girl.... and Slovenian supermodel show!


Today I have for you, a set made with Polyvore site. It's something I'd wear if I had $1.000.000 to buy my wardrobe with...
I love love the shoes, I saw them on topshop store and I want them to be mine... <3!

Classic lady

On the second note, I watched the Slovene Supermodel (#2). And well I kind of liked it. The girls aren't all that bright, some of them are drama queens, but so far I like Anela and Anja K.
But sadly the show was recorded in 12 days (or sth like it) so the girls stayed in the house for only 12 days...  wtf?! Which means that 1 got out every day...  booooriiing!

What, they couldn't afford the rent of the 3.000.000€ worth villa?! xD

If you watched the show, what did you think? 
If you haven't....  here's a link for you..  (it's in Slovene, but if you want to laugh,.. you can still watch it).

I didn't really like the jury, except the hot hot photographer... :)

Anyway, this is it for today...   Please share your opinions! ;)

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