First Zoya EVER, it's ZOYA CHARLA.

Hello lovelies! 

I passed my exams so it was time to get myself an expensive nail polish (alright it was a gift from my dear, but I chose the color).
I was longing for this nail polish for MONTHS (before it got out, since the first promo pictures). And now it's finally mine... 
And I must say, even if at first I doubted about it being worth the super expensive price (13€/bottle) now I know that it's totally worth it! 

First, the bottle....  It's really pretty. I prefer square bottles than round. Because this way I can store them easily.

It looks glittery, but it is really not. Well actually the glitter is very fine, plus it gets off easily <3!
I think this color is a very mermaid one...  This is how I imagine looking a mermaids tail!

Before I applied it for real I was deciding between a french manicure with it or just plain color...  

I went for the full color, even if a french manicure would totally look great too!
I applied two coats, without base coat and top coat. I want to see how long it lasts. But it does dry very quickly! :)

And last picture....   Pablo says HI! 

Now I want to have more Zoya nail polishes.. like Yasmeen..  <3!


  1. Čudovita Zoya! Prva, a ne zadnja, kaj? :)

  2. čestitam za izpit. Pri taki barvi takoj oprostiš ceno=))

  3. Čestitam za izpite! Pa super je, res, tale Zoya :)

  4. Haha:D una s tačko je prava:P Me spominja na mojo Zoyo:D Zoya lakci so pa res lepi:)

  5. Oh wow! Zoya Charla always looks great but on u its so nice! ur lighting is so great!I eis i can do swatches as urs0(

  6. With Love, Ana: Hvala res je krasna! Ampak imas prav, prva v vrsti mnogih! :D

    Colorfulbottle: Hvala! :D Tako je, cena je ze pozabljena..

    Biba: Hvala! :) Zoye so mi po novem vsec...

    Thumby11: Jaaa tale tacka je bila tako bogo dana, ker je mislim da kaj vem kaj bom naredila s fotkicem v roki :P. Je pa faca... tvojo sem tudi videla je prvi dan k nam zalutala :D

    Nailgalore: Thank you! The lighting is perfect because it was taken on a cloudy day. And cloudy day = perfect because you have even light.


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