A couple of days ago, I saw on nihrida's blog a post about threading..  and I actually thought it was about sewing :P.
But after reading carefully, I realized it's a way of removing your unwanted body hair. I mean I heard about it before, but I had NO IDEA that it was SO EASY!

Here's a video about it:

I tried it myself, and well it IS painful, but it does remove lots of hair at once. So it's actually a time saving way of removing your hair.
I tried it on my eyebrows, and also cried a little. :<
Well after that, my eyebrows were pretty and uhmmm red. But they are also read after plucking them.
So.. I think I'll use this technique too, and I still won't throw away my eyebrows shavers :P Nope!

Here's some more info about threading;

Have you tried it? What do you think?
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