A couple of days ago, I saw on nihrida's blog a post about threading..  and I actually thought it was about sewing :P.
But after reading carefully, I realized it's a way of removing your unwanted body hair. I mean I heard about it before, but I had NO IDEA that it was SO EASY!

Here's a video about it:

I tried it myself, and well it IS painful, but it does remove lots of hair at once. So it's actually a time saving way of removing your hair.
I tried it on my eyebrows, and also cried a little. :<
Well after that, my eyebrows were pretty and uhmmm red. But they are also read after plucking them.
So.. I think I'll use this technique too, and I still won't throw away my eyebrows shavers :P Nope!

Here's some more info about threading;

Have you tried it? What do you think?


  1. I tried it and loved it. It's a quick clean-up for all those baby hair above the eyebrow.

    Priročna tehnika za potovanja. Potrebuješ samo sukanec. Me zanima, če bi se dalo z zobno nitko. Hmmm.

  2. Gone2RehabBRB, meni je tudi vsec. Bolece, ampak hitro in enostavno. Sem britvice za obrvi kar v smeti vrgla.. tole je way better. Ceprav sestra pravi, da je MOOM vosek se najboljsi in najmanj bolec.

    Glede zobne nitke pa.. hmm.. ne vem? Mogoce je prevec voskasta, da bi kaj prijela..?


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