OOTD: Black for work

Today I wore this look for work...   I must say that I'm not really happy about days getting shorter and colder..
I mean, I'm already freezing!

Anyway, another crappy picture, because I can't take selfca pictures of my outfits :/

It was pretty casual...   and I actually miss my skirts :/


  1. No, we must not concede that summer is officially over. I refuse to admit that it is. My job requires a uniform that does not include skirts (unfortunately). So if I must wear pants? I wear a short sleved top. Or long sleeves with capri's (short pants)or a skort (a skirt with shorts attached). Long live summer! (as long as heavy, warm clothing is absolutely required) Thank you for sharing. Tammy in Canada

  2. Tammy: Thank you for your comment! Aww and that's too bad for the skirts part. I'm sure you'd look great in a skirt suit.
    Here it's cooold, and I refuse to take out my winter clothes. No, summer is still here ;_; *freezes to death*


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