Review: Essence nail art pen (Pink, Black, Silver)

Hello, lovelies!
My newest purchase is these lovely nail art pens. I saw the review on Laquerized's blog, and I was really thankful since I was wanting a nail art pen for a long long time!

I got the ones she recommended, which are the Pink, Black, and Silver. 
The testing was done over Sinful Colors nude nail polish. 

The pens are water based, which is really interesting. I never had any nail polish that was water based. 
Anyway, they write really well, very thin and opaque.


Tip comparison to the whole pen

As you can see, the tip is quite small so it's great for more detailed artwork.

I first drew a lace pattern with the black pen (which came out really nicely!), then added a similar pattern with pink (which would probably look more opaque in a different color) and finished with silver on another nail... 

Out of nowhere came a drop of water and ruined my black lace nail art! It smudged, so I decided to try all three on another nail. 
This is why I drew that terribly hearts thing.

After this, I wanted to see how it worked without top coat and went to wash my hands...

Nope, this wasn't a good idea! =)  So you NEED a top coat, but I don't think that will be a problem for anyone.

+The price
+The colors (lots of them to choose from)
+Easy to manage
+Thin tip
+Very opaque colors (the one I picked up)
+Will last for a while
+Pretty design of the pen

-Dissolves in water (which can be a pro too! Especially if a kid wants to play with them)

Price:  5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥ (2,19€ in DM)
Rating: 5/5

Overall: I would definitely repurchase these! I always wanted a nail art pen to make the most detailed designs. And this one isn't even expensive! So yes, if you want to get it! :D 

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