OOTD: Work 2nd day.

Hi, lovelies!

Today it was weird.. I mean when I woke up, I was freezing as hell...  but I knew that after 3pm it would be HOT HOT HOT... so what to wear?!
I put on jeans and it felt weird.. So.. casual? o.O

Anyway.. here it is (I'm super sorry for the shitty photo).

I must say that it looks pretty much random =).

I decided to add two more photos.. with my super kawaii dog ;).


He's biting me... (wants to play)



  1. Zelo všeč mi je torbica :) če lahko vprašam..kje si jo pa kupila? :)

  2. Darkrose: Hvala :) Kupila sem jo kaksno leto nazaj na razprodaji v Accesories v Mb (Qulandia). Ne vem ali je bila 3€ ali 1€ :D

  3. hehe odličen in pameten nakup :D

  4. Nice outfit

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