OOTD: Work

Hello lovelies!

As I smelled my fake tan, I decided to post an outfit I had for work a couple of days ago.
It was hot outside (not like now, that it seems that is winter again!), so I could wear a skirt without a problem. Actually since my last shopping spree, it seems that my cloth of choice is a skirt. Any skirt, as long as it is pretty!

The picture is terrible, and my face censored (it sucked, what to say!). I was also in a hurry, that's why you see my poor Sigg Bottle in my hand.

Hopefully we'll find a perfect spot for outfit photos in our house, and you won't have to see all that crap behind us!

Nope, I'm not thin or skinny, and I couldn't care less ;)! I wear whatever I want, and I don't mind people staring, lol.... 

Even if the ones that stare and talk behind my back, are envious bitc*s! :P
Yah yah...

Have a nice day,


  1. Nice outfit (^_^)


  2. You looked nice!!! I always wear what I like to wear too..

  3. i love your outfit! where is the skirt from?



  4. Thank you girls, you are way too nice :)!

    Iloveshopping: The skirt is from Ann Christine. It was a real deal tho, only 1€ on sales!

  5. hi there, how are you?
    warm greeting from Indonesia.

    I hope you gain success all the time!


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