NOTD: A sad manicure story! + Thank you Lyra

So... this is a sad sad manicure story. It started with me applying Canmake red nail polish on my toe nails and thinking 'WOW this nail polish is SO pigmented, that it would be great for nail art! LETS MAKE SOME DOTS!'...

I applied Essence Sunshine 4Ever on my nails later and wanted to do those damn dots...  damn! In my head it looked so pretty... 

But on my nails it was a disaster...

Like wtf, seriously?! 

The color combination is weird, it reminds me of a kids movie or something and those dots...  aren't all that great.

Anyway it's time to finish this sobbing story and go to a more pleasant fact..

I got this lovely package from NailJunkie, thank you! 

I forgot to include the reason why she sent me the package, which is the hair oil, but I actually put it in another container.. :)
She included three extra nail polishes (I'm loving the nude atm!). THANK YOU! 

And the rest of you, enjoy your evening..  mine is full of headaches and pills not having any effect! D:!

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