NOTD: Cluttered black and pink + Bikini Blue

Yesterday I decided to do a quick manicure. I didn't have lots of time, so for the finish I used acryl gel and an activator (got both from the silk wrap Kiss set).

It dried in no time!

I used Man Glaze Matte is Murder for the tips,
Essence stickers for the lace (and yes there is a different pattern on my pinkie),
Fimo clay for the heart.

Anyway here it is:
 (excuse my super dry cuticles, I have been neglecting them lately)

And some new pictures of Jessica Bikini Blue.
I think there are lots of better nail polishes of the same color. Sadly back when I got it, there weren't any available..  at least as far as I knew.  
The apply is like.. sh..  well it's super streaky and it took me 4 coats to get full coverage. It dries in an average time too..  Anyway here is it; Jessica Bikini Blue on longer nails :)!

What to say, the color is gorgeous... sadly it doesn't last long enough to be worth those 11€. 
Well for today that's it!

Enjoy your evening, 
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