NOTD: Cluttered black and pink + Bikini Blue

Yesterday I decided to do a quick manicure. I didn't have lots of time, so for the finish I used acryl gel and an activator (got both from the silk wrap Kiss set).

It dried in no time!

I used Man Glaze Matte is Murder for the tips,
Essence stickers for the lace (and yes there is a different pattern on my pinkie),
Fimo clay for the heart.

Anyway here it is:
 (excuse my super dry cuticles, I have been neglecting them lately)

And some new pictures of Jessica Bikini Blue.
I think there are lots of better nail polishes of the same color. Sadly back when I got it, there weren't any available..  at least as far as I knew.  
The apply is like.. sh..  well it's super streaky and it took me 4 coats to get full coverage. It dries in an average time too..  Anyway here is it; Jessica Bikini Blue on longer nails :)!

What to say, the color is gorgeous... sadly it doesn't last long enough to be worth those 11€. 
Well for today that's it!

Enjoy your evening, 


  1. OMG, I LOVE the cluttered black and pink look! That lace detail is awesome. I would love to see a tutorial on how you did this :)


  2. Super love the nails especially the first one. :)

  3. wow i love the nails! please post a tutorial on how to do them!

  4. Those black french nails looks gorgeous!

  5. Hardcore MakeUp Junkie: Sorry to disappoint you, but the lace are actually stickers..
    Very cheap tho, and I'm pretty sure similar stuff can be found. But I can do a tutorial! :)

    sugar sugar: Thank you!

    SJ: Thank you and I will <3!

    Anastacia: Thaaank you!

  6. the black and pink is soo cute! Love the lacey patterns on it. and LOL at the "authentic feeling" of the twilight adult toy, what weird things people come up with these days!! ;)

  7. that bikini blue is gorgeous!!!
    love it!

    but i hate it when i have to apply more than 2 coats just to get the color to show. it dries forever!!

  8. I LOVE that Chanel heart and I just wanna also say I love that note up there ^ about the blog links. Well said gurrrl. :D


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