Fyrinnae samples in the mail!

Guess what I got in the mailbox today?
Fyrinnae samples! I was waiting for them for about two weeks and they are finally here! 
I'm just going to show you some pictures/swatches and that's pretty much it for today.

I ordered these samples:
Fire Opal Loose Eye Shadow
Valhalla Loose Eye Shadow
Aztec Gold Loose Eye Shadow
Sennyo Loose Eye Shadow
Pixie Epoxy Size - Sample
Dressed To Kill Loose Eye Shadow
Darling Misfit Loose Eye Shadow
Mephisto Loose Eye Shadow x2
Polar Bear Loose Eye Shadow
Strip Poker Loose Eye Shadow

They came very nicely packed (envelope, plastic bag, cute rice paper, cardboard)

I ordered one Mephisto eyeshadow for my sister :)! I got a freebie (Sumatran Tiger) too!
And these samples are BIG, filled to the top, wow

And the swatches... 

I have some Barry M swatches to show you, but unfortunately my dear ruined the swatch panel (lol my hand when I applied all the swatches) and then there was no more light. Blah.

Comparison of  Strip Poker on different bases..

Enjoy your day,


  1. Oh la la~. I really like the Polar Bear and Aztec Gold. <33

    Makes me want to go out and purchase some new makeup of my own. :]

  2. Noxin: Thank you dear! The shadows are amazing.. from all the ones I ordered they are 9/10 nicely blended... (except Strip Poker).
    The colors they have on the site.. it's nothing like I have seen before.. duochromes, multi color shadows... wow!!

    Today I did a MU for work with aztec gold and polar bear xD!
    Polar bear goes from cold gold to light silver/almost pink.. it's incredible. And Aztec gold goes from copper gold to green... lovely!

    And the best thing? One sample is 2$ and it comes in a nicely filled jar! (except free samples).

  3. Great swatches.
    Polar Bear speaks to me. :)


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