More drawings!

I know that most of you didn't like my drawings, but honestly I don't have anything else to upload today.
This week I'm working a 10h/day shift so it's kind of difficult for me to find the time to do everything...
But I DID draw these (took me 1h max so yah) as some Gaia freebies (my nickname there is tigica).

So please enjoy your day and hopefully tomorrow/the day after something will come in my mailbox! (I'm expecting a couple of items, so my blog will be more beauty related).




  1. Aww I love you drawings! I enjoy when bloggers post their artwork if they enjoy drawing, thanks for sharing. :D

  2. Vaaaau, zelo lepo rišeš! <3<3<3

  3. Your artwork's rather good, I think. It certainly makes me want to take up art again. <3

    Do you draw often? Or only when you're bored?

  4. Kim thank you! I enjoy such posts too! <3

    Tiana & Liana: Thank you dears!

    Noxin: Thanks! I didn't draw for nearly two years, but then I decided that it's time for me to draw again..
    And now I've been drawing for 4 days even if I get home almost dead. I need practice..
    And I don't draw when I'm bored because then I have no inspiration.. :)

  5. It's amazing what you do with the help of your computer! I could never do that. The 2nd cutie or Gaia is my fave, btw.


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