EOTD: Aztec Gold meets Polar Bear

Yesterday I read Noxin's commend about Polar Bear and Aztec Gold from Fyriannae and I must have forgotten it, because the next morning I used the exact shades thinking it was my idea! xD

Anyway I took the picture in a hurry, but I enjoyed the result a lot!

 Aztec Gold is a bold dark green that goes from copper to green.. lovely! I blended it, so it looks pale.. 
I need to do some proper swatches, so I can show you how unique they are.


I applied UDPP, 
over it Barry M shimmer pencil,
then Fyirannae Polar Bear,
and blended with Fyirannae Aztec Gold.


  1. oh!
    that is such a pretty gold color!

    i want something like that too. unfortunately, when i tried to order from fyrinnae, it seems to not divert in paypal so i wasn't able to pay for it..

    there are a lot of products from them that i want to try especially their epoxy & finishing powder!

  2. ~tHiAmErE~: The shadows are amazing.. and there must be a separate button (under the 'checkout' box) for paypal. Because I paid mine via paypal and there was no problem... :) So I suggest you to try again.

  3. This is lovely, I think it looks really nice with your eye color :)

  4. woww! that colour looks great on your eyes
    great blog :D
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  5. I-I...I think I'm in love with these colours. ;_; And they look so good together that you were bound to eventually combine them like this. :]

    Also, your blending looks amazing. I can't blend eyeshadow very well, as easy as it is. Haha. Practice makes perfect, I suppose~.

  6. Heather: Thank you so much!

    Margaret: Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you like it! And the colors.. are fantastic!

    Noxin: Aww... I couldn't blend for my life some time ago.. then I bought a blending brush (medium size on ebay for 6$) and with it, it's so easy.. I just swipe left and right and it's blended! XD

  7. Oo Super izgleda!<3 Zlata barva se ti zelo poda k očem! :D


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