Review: Beaucon Shimmer Brown from

This time, I'll review the Beaucon Shimmer brown lenses. I also got them from for my review.

They are the most subtle of them all because they blend perfectly with my green eyes! I really didn't expect this, but I'm happy that they do! So then instead of green eyes, I get hazel/brownish eyes. 

Yesterday I wanted to put in my regular lenses, but they felt somehow uncomfortable, so I decided to put in these circle lenses. And you know what?! They felt SO MUCH more comfortable! 
I wore them for 8 hours straight without a problem (I usually wear glasses so it won't do any harm to my eyes).

Lens specifications:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  45%

Natural light

Enlargement: 7/10
They do somehow enlarge my eyes, but it isn't awkward looking.

Color/Design: 10/10 
These have lots of sheer parts so they blend perfectly! I'm pretty sure they'd look very subtle on brown eyes too! No one noticed I'm wearing contact lenses, no one! As I mentioned in my last review, I LOVE natural looking lenses! And these are perfectly natural looking.
You can't really see the pixels in RL. Only on camera!


 Comfort: 9/10
As the Blue lenses, these are super comfortable and thin! I have nothing bad to say about that.
I wore them for 8 hours straight and they didn't dry my eyes (as my regular contacts do!).
With these I didn't have the annoying feeling when I put them on, so kudos for that!

Full face pictures

They are VERY natural looking, and that's exactly what I'm looking for a circle lens. I'm pretty sure they would suit just anyone so they're a must in any circle lenses collection. The price is pretty decent too (about $28 for a pair of lenses which last for one year on Well, I think they are perfect for a slight enlargement or a color change (comfortable one tho!). They are very similar to the NEO lenses a lot.
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