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I will review the whole Beaucon Shimmer series, but today it's the time for Beaucon Shimmer Blue! I received these lenses (with the others) from for review purposes.

I've tried quite a few circle lenses so I thought myself as an expert of opening the vials. I opened it (with the help of scissors, because I am not such an expert as I thought =), to realize that the cap under the aluminium part  (other companies caps are made from hard plastic) is made from a soft material (silicone/rubber?). WOW! This made taking out the lenses such a more pleasant experience!

Lens specifications:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  45%

I tried them for a couple of times and the first time (it was quite dark) I didn't really like them because they looked too obvious. But the second time... I fell in love! I mean they BLEND perfectly (because they have no black part in the middle and they are quite sheer) and they remind me a lot of my fav lenses (Neo Glamour Green).

Natural light 

Enlargement: 7/10 They DO enlarge my eyes, but they also look very natural to me. If I wouldn't go around saying "check my eyes" no one would notice that I'm wearing contact lenses. And that's a huge plus! Overall they are somehow enlarging, but nothing too dramatic!

Comparison picture

I think they don't give me the crazy alien look! :) Which means they are not too big for my eyes/face.

Color/Design: 9/10 The design is perfect! Brownish in the middle of the lens, and getting more and more color towards the end of it. This is the part that gives these lenses a natural look. The black rim makes my eyes look bigger but still natural. And yes, I love natural looking lenses! The color is OK, can be quite obvious in dark places (or bad light) but otherwise, it's ok. Could pass for mine too.

Flash picture

If you look from a VERY close distance you can see the pixels. But you'd have to stand right next to me (like 1 cm close to my eyes!)

Close up

Comfort: 8/10
They are very soft, so the bend easily (I had the same problem with the Neo lenses but I got used to it), but that makes them so comfortable to wear that it's incredible. They were a bit uncomfortable for the first minute, but after that.. a dream! I didn't even notice I had them in! They don't dry my eyes, but I had them on for only a couple of hours (maybe three, four).

Full face pictures

I'm a huge fan of natural looking lenses and these are one of them! They have 45% of water content which makes them very comfortable. They blend in nicely, and I think they could show up on brown eyes too. Well, I love them. The color is nice (I'd love even more the green lenses, but blue give me a summer look), they are comfortable and don't dry my eyes out, they look great on me (or so I hope) and they are cheap! I checked the  Honeycolor store and they have them for a bit less than 28$! Yay for that! Anyway, they are lined up with my fav Neo lenses which tell a lot!

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