NOTD: Turquise and Golden

Since my nails are back to being short, I had no idea on what to put on...  Especially because I get too picky if I stare at my nail polish box for too long..

But then I decided to put on my latest (at that time) addition - Essence Bonnie nail polish.
The apply was very problematic. The nail polish is very thick, and it got all over my cuticles. Cleaning it off was HELL!

It looked boring, so I added a franken polish (clear nail polish and LC mineral eyeshadow in Nymph) that I realized it looks exactly the same as S-he 433. Damn!

So I added some stamps with Essence plate (some flowery thing) with Bonnie (for this it worked really nicely, because it's thick).

Of course it's not all that well visible, but it gives the manicure a nice rustic feeling.

Aaaand..  I wasn't completely satisfied with it either, so I added a pearl..   

Sadly I have only one picture....

And I hope my nails grow quickly, I want to reshape them!

Well it looks at least decent.

Have a wonderful day, my dear readers!



  1. that's such a nice colour! LOVE IT!

  2. This is a late comment to this old post but I found this while looking up Essence colors and this is so stunning! Very mermaidy and I love the pearl accent! I want to wear this to the beach!


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