Ups, I did it again!

I know I said I won't buy much cosmetic stuff this month but... well who could resist them anyway?

* Jessica Bikini Blue nail polish (courtesy of my dear)
* Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow shadow in Golden Blond

This my ladies... it gorgeous! I saw it one year ago on the parokeets blog and immediately I fell in love with it! IT is gorgeous! 

Here is their picture, click.
Isn't it pretty?! *faints*

And now to the eyebrow powder. I am pretty sure I never paid that much for any eyebrow related stuff... (20€).

But I'm pretty happy that I finally found something more similar to blond than those... brownish things they usually sell!

And the last thing... skinny pants! They were a courtesy of my dear too, because..  I spent to much on cosmetics <.<

They are nothing special (except that they look GOOD on me), but I love this little detail...

A zipper from the ankle down. Pretty, sexy and a bit fetishist! ;)

Well I hope my cosmetic hauls stop here for this month... oh wait, there's another couple of things I  am waiting in the mail.. :P 

It's hard to resist, but I must focus on clothes!


  1. Uh ta Anastasia Brows...ima ful drage stvari....

    Jaz imam nek 5-delni set v roza etuiju in sem dala okoli 60 eu ali celo več, ne spomnem se... vem da je bilo fuuul drago:P

  2. Thumby: Ja, tisti set je 57€ sem danes gledala, samo je ful drag :)).

  3. It is SO hard to find good jeans so i am so happy for you!!! lol i hate jean shopping.. i always get so stressed!!

  4. Kje pa si dobila te hlače?

  5. Helena sem sla pogledat v Oviesse :)


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