Another haul!

Well... I said I won't buy any cosmetic stuff this month...   pffft! I couldn't resist all the new nail polishes and the silk wraps.
And tomorrow I'm going back for one beauty... It's the Jessica Bikini Blue nail polish with which I have been in love since the first time I saw it (1 year ago).

Okay here it goes!

*Essence 6 nail polishes - 4x 1,75€ and 2x 1,95€
*Essence eyeliner pen (since I had such a great experience with their liquid eyeliner) - 2.69€
*Essence nail collector case (0,95€)
*Kiss Silk wraps kit (14 €)

From left to right: Spot on The One and Only, Love of Pink Watch Out! Sunshine 4ever In the Jungle

I also compared the eyeliner to the similar one from E.L.F. 

Left: Essence
Right: E.L.F.Coffee

I tried to draw one thin line and another thick. The thin one is as thin as it can get, and the thick is as thick as it can get too.

The price is comparable, but out of the two I think the Essence one is much much better!

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