NOTD: S-he 305

She has very 'creative' names. Bleh, numbers. I like that a name represents a nail polish but numbers? No way!

This time I put on S-he 305, which has been around my nail box for a while (1 year without touching it at all!).
It's an interesting mix of red and orange.

Inside (natural light)

Flash light

The apply was really easy and smooth. This is two coats, and the polish is just the right consistency. Even the brush is fine (normal).

I have it on the 3rd day and there are only really gentle white tips visible!

The price was a bit less than 2€ in DM (Drogerie Market).


  1. škoda da je tako dolgo časa čakal nate, ker je res lep! =)

  2. Čudovit lakec in res ti paše. Pa res je dolgo čakal, da je prišel na vrsto. :)

  3. Mancina se Stima: hvaaala! Ja, v steklenicki je nekam dolgocasen, sem si ga tezko predstavljala na nohtkih..

    Elchy: No bo pa sedaj, ko vem da je lep prisel veckrat na vrsto! :D

  4. Lep lakec :) všeč sta mi tudi srček in rožica :) sta to kot nalepki ali sta narisana?

  5. Euie: Hoj, to sta nalepkici..:)


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