MORE Circle lenses!

A very long time ago I ordered a couple of circle lenses.. it took A LOT of time to get to me so I decided I won't order on preorders anymore.

Hmm... let me think, the order time + waiting + shipping took more than 7 months. But I got a pair gratis! :P

Anyway, today I got in the mail: GEO T-732 (stars), Barbie Big Brown and EOS Adult Green.
The Adults will be part of my next giveaway :).

I got three cute piggie cases too!

I couldn't decide if open the two pairs (GEO and Barbie) or leave them for the giveaway. I mean I didn't want them to be another bad lenses purchase! But after I opened them.. well I don't think it was such a bad idea!

First the T-732

I realized I have to check how I put them in, because if I don't the stars are in different places on both eyes..

I can't talk about comfort since I just cleaned them with my lenses cleanser and then put them in for a couple of pictures. But from both, the barbies are super comfortable.

Barbie Big Brown

These are HUGE! 14.5mm!

Out of the two, I really like the Brown lenses. And please do excuse my 'no make up' make up. It's kinda freaky with such huge lenses.
Well I hope I didn't scare you... :)


  1. Whoa, those with stars look incredible!

  2. I like the ones with stars, but these brown ones... I find them a bit creepy. =)

  3. the stars lenses are so pretty!!!haha i think ill wear that out at night,its like shining,the black lenses does make a difference i ve been meaning to buy those but i need one with grade...

  4. Biba: Hvala!

    Nihrida: Najprej se nisem strinjala s teboj glede rjavih, toda ko sem si jih dala ponoci sem se prestrasla :)). Uno souless kid!

    Camille: Mines are with a grade too, I am practically blind without glasses/lenses. And you have LOTS of designs to chose from.

  5. Wow, the stars contacts just look STUNNING on you! <33


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