Thank you dear! (Lush haul!)

Three days ago my dear went to MB. And since only in MB and LJ there is Lush, well I wrote him down what I'd like to get from it.

Today he's finally back <3

I wanted the Lemony Flutter (for my cuticles), Pied de Pepper (I actually wanted Volcano foot mask but they don't have it) and Handy Gurugu.

I almost fell off my chair when I realized that the Handy Gurugu is almost 13€ for 100g. WOW! I mean the UK people have it for less than 1/2 off!!

Oh well, I'm still pretty happy with the purchase, so thanks again dear! :D

The reviews... well those will come too!


  1. Nihrida se strinjam. Ful je priden... sem mu rekla, ce mu nakazem € za stvari pa je rekel, da ne....
    Prakticno mi je podaril vse skupaj. Cel srcek...


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